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With Universal Control, you can use your main Mac’s trackpad and keyboard to control additional Macs… When getting directions in the Maps app, ?iOS 15? has a feature that lets you choose a time to arrive or a time to leave, allowing you to get prospective commuting lengths ahead of time. To get AR walking directions, an iPhone that has an A12 chip or later is required. The A12 was first used in the ?iPhone? XS, XS Max, and XR, which came out in 2018.

  • Apple’s new Mac Studio is in high demand, but the standard M1 Max model is in stock now — and AppleInsider readers can add AppleCare for only $1.
  • Next, tap on a destination from the “Favorites” section that you assigned from within the Maps app on your iPhone.
  • V40, V70, XC70 and S80 from and including model year 2015 to and including 2017.
  • On the upper left corner of the page, under the preferred bus route, click on the next trip to see the exact details or directions on using that route.

Bing Maps is one of the closest competitors of Google Maps. It comes with a fresh and ad-free user interface that is easy to navigate. All controls for directions, sharing, and traffic are placed along the top of the interface. Unlike Google Maps, MAPS.ME allows you to discover nearby attractions and businesses. The main differentiator for MAPS.ME is that it gives you access to curated travel guides for numerous destinations across the globe.

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The innovative app uses crowdsourcing to mapquest allow users to flag traffic incidents and delays in real time. Waze alerts drivers to incidents that are in their vicinity or along their route. This is very useful in picking the most efficient way to your destination and avoiding unnecessary delays. It’s an app that’s very much for the driver, but it lacks a lot of the features that make Google Maps such a good all-rounder app. However, if you spend a lot of time driving, Waze is definitely the best app for you. While other maps apps allow you to download a portion of a map for offline use, CoPilot GPS lets you access the entire map — including individual roads and points of interest — offline.

Navteq seems to be one of the better ones but their API isn’t as user friendly it seems like. Usually, the site needs to be publicly accessible and free, as in you cant charge for service. There are some other ones, but those seem like the ones that catch people up the most. Google Maps gradually upgrade the system searches on a better and more diverse, services of Google Maps has been optimized for better locations and more details the roads.

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Some have reported some issues here and there, but nothing overly worrisome. Multiple searches viewed in the same map viewWayfinding and usability is serious business for our Maps team and with this build many of the menu locations have been enhanced with this in mind. For instance, navigation is now positioned at the top on desktop and at the bottom on phone as a direct result of how people use the Maps app differently on different types of devices. For the phone, this directly improves the experience when using your device with one hand, especially when getting directions or opening your favorites with a single tap.

Flyover 3D makes select cities resemble tiny dioramas, and it’s a stunning technology display. Of course, Google countered Apple matching Street View by releasing Live View AR mode. This uses your phone’s camera for turn-by-turn directions, tapping augmented reality to project the instructions on the world in front of you.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but be careful in assuming that you can tell everything from one image. Google Maps can be used without any experience with the interface or app. The actual handling of the maps is very intuitive, mastered within seconds. All Storage Products Cloud-based storage services for your business. Data Cloud Alliance An initiative to ensure that global businesses have more seamless access and insights into the data required for digital transformation. Education Teaching tools to provide more engaging learning experiences.

MapQuest used to be my go to for multiple directions when I was showing properties. Now you spend HOURS trying to get the info you need and the site just sits and spins. There is no Chat, no phone number, no ability to send a message.